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Now Available!

Watch TrailerAbout the GameChangelog

v1.105 Minor

Oct 1, 2021
  • Added 4 languages - Italian, Dutch, Turkish and Canadian French
  • Fixed the game crashing when opening the save menu window
  • Fixed the game crashing after deleting the current save and then immediately starting new game in that save
  • Fixed the ratwolves not spawning sometimes
  • The game now cannot save when the hero is dead
  • Count's Land's healing information is now displayed correctly
  • Fixed the posteffects shader turning off spontaneously
  • Fixed the fps drop at the first tile on the loop
  • Small fixes

v1.102 Minor

July 9th, 2021
  • The "Witch hut" tile is reworked, now each one decreases max amount of potions by 1
  • The game no longer freezes when opening the menu with ESC
  • English sturdy stool description is now on english instead of french
  • Minor fixes

v1.101 Minor

June 25, 2021
  • Fixed the "Gift of Blood" trait, now it does something except visual effects and sounds.
  • Fixed the rogue trophy count and the "Old Scars" trait count zeroing after loading.
  • The blood grove doesn't occasionally turn into oasis anymore.
  • Fixed the time of any% speedrun stopping at the wrong moment.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

v1.1 Major

June 15, 2021
  • In-Expedition Saves:As many of you asked, now the game saves in the expeditions if you quit. To resolve possible issues we've added:
    • Escape during battles! - Now you can escape to the camp right before the eyes of your enemies. You'll still lose as much loot as you would have if you died, but it's flashier.
    • Debug retreat and backup loading! - Now if you hold "load"/"continue" button in the main menu, you'll get two new buttons - "debug retreat" and "load backup". First allows you to abandon the expedition on that save and return to camp. But you will lose all your resources from that expedition, so use it in emergency cases only. And backup loads the previous version of your camp.
  • Expedition and Fight Speed Sliders: Now the speed changing button is a little different. It's a slider going from 1x-4x instead of a 1x-2x switch. There is also an option to change the fight speed, which you can turn on in the options menu. Although the game fighting system is balanced around the default 1x speed and you might risk not understanding what happens on higher speeds.
  • Decks: Now you can switch the card, item and trait deck, and have up to 4 of them. Oh, and by the way:
  • Perk Deck: Now there is a possibility to "turn off" the trait you get from bosses, so they aren't a hindrance if you changed your mind.
  • New Tiles and New Enemies: It's more interesting if you find out about them yourselves. We'll just say there's 3 of each.
  • A lot of traits/enemy skills/parameters reworded for clearer indication of the effect.
  • A bunch of changes to the English and Russian texts, a lot of typos fixed, as well as some translation issues.
  • Some Minor Bugfixes.
  • After some beta-testing (and probably a few updates), this will become fully public and replace the current v1.013 version.

    v1.013 Minor

    April 10, 2021

    Fist of all, sorry for slowing down on patches - we're fully working on a new big patch with a lot of quality of life changes, some new content and a few features that a lot of people have been asking for.

    • Summoned skeletons now are affected by beacons
    • Hero allies are now affected by deserts and sand dunes
    • Fixed the issue with enemies being able to spawn on top of cracked skeletons
    • Ranged enemies now properly draw their "charging" state
    • After the hero dies and resurrects all the enemies change their primary target
    • Fixed the forester axe not showing proper percentages after stacking
    • Removing the arsenal now removes the stats from deleted items
    • Fixed the supply menu sorting feature
    • Fixed various typos

    v1.012 Hotfix

    March 12, 2021
    • Fixed the "book worm" achievment not working for some people - if you have trouble getting it, just check the encyclopedia once more
    • Fixed the resource dupe bug in alchemy
    • Blood/hungry grove indicator is now drawing properly when the battle tile is affected by both
    • Reworked 3rd bosses summons "astral" mechanic, should be most noticeable as the necromancer
    • Change the timing in titles slightly
    • Reworded "broken geography" achievment, so it reflects the requirements correctly

    v1.011 Hotfix

    March 9, 2021

    Note: we accidentally added a critical error when pushing this hotfix last night. This is now fixed, and we're very sorry that many people had crashes because of it.

    • Fixed the game crashing when unlocking the 3rd lich article in 4k or higher in fullscreen
    • Fixed the game crashing when minimising it with win+D
    • Hopefully fixed the issue with some people getting a crash in the beginning of expedition
    • Fixed the "book worm" achievement not unlocking until finding the dark slime. If you have all the articles unlocked, just go into the encyclopedia and you should get it
    • Added a sound when the hero is damaged by healing on swamps for using oblivion with "blissful ignorance" trait, from meadows or from "surveyor" trait
    • Fixed the blood grove not transforming when the forest burns near it
    • Made some camp items' descriptions more correlating with in-game logic
    • Fixed various typos

    v1.010 Hotfix

    March 8, 2021
    • Fixed the "out of memory" error in long expeditions
    • Maybe removed lags for some players
    • Battlefields now turn into shipwreks properly. This time for sure!
    • Fixed "shield of faith" trait, now it's working as described
    • Fixed possible softlock in 2nd boss fight when dying at the same time as boss
    • "Deep Pockets" trait is no longer added to the perk pool in chapter 4
    • Removed the resource cap in chapter 4
    • Added charge animations to ally archers
    • Changed the skeleton archers/mages sprites
    • Fixed various typos

    v1.009 Hotfix

    March 7, 2021
    • Fixed "broken geography" achievement accidently triggering in titles
    • Archers attacks no more stack armor on enemies with "hardening" skill
    • Fixed arsenal deleting not working correctly with the necromancer
    • Probably fixed the issue with bandits crashing the game
    • Campfire now heals before bosses on level 4 kitchen
    • Potions now trigger every 1.5 seconds of walking in 2x speed
    • Regen and potions now work better when changing game speed in ini. We still can't promise it will work properly, and are working on an in-game solution at this moment
    • Fixed sorting button not appearing when switching to craft menu from other menus

    v1.008 Hotfix

    March 7, 2021

    You might have noticed a new toggle on the bottom of the options menu - "alternative timing method" - it can fix freezes or lags for you, or maybe high CPU usage and overheating. If you have those issues, try to toggle it. If this doesn't work try rebooting the game. The button text is english-only for now, really sorry for that, will make it localized as soon as we can.

    Other things patched:
    • Hopefully fixed "save corrupted" issue
    • Fixed an issue with game not giving out demo achievements to players
    • Removed a memory leak
    • Made an alternative save backup system, now the game is a little more safe from corrupted save files
    • Fixed "tripped" achievement not working in some cases
    • Hopefully fixed an error with necromancer on the 4th chapter boss
    • Bandits stealing things became a little more fair
    • Stamina loss is reduced when attacking with "blind fury" or "lightning fast" traits
    • Primal matter can't drop second ancestral crypt, arsenal, or zero milestone
    • Deleting ancestral crypt doesn't allow for infinite resurrections
    • Ancestral crypt is now showing as a 3rd type card
    • Battle fields no more turn into shipwrecks when placed diagonally to the river type tiles
    • Skeleton mages are actually mages now
    • Resources/items button saves its state between expeditions
    • Outpost dialogue now can't show instead of the boss dialogue
    • Various typos fixed

    v1.007 Hotfix

    March 6, 2021

    Hello! Thanks everybody for playing Loop Hero, and for reporting all kinds of bugs. We're really sorry for them, and fixing as fast as we can. Here's a patch log of what we fixed in the past 2 days.

    • Hopefully fixed the achievments on mac and linux
    • Also hopefully fixed tha lagging issue
    • Fixed the encyclopedia bug of bosses 3rd dialogue showing after unlocking their article
    • Fixed the bug of road tiles changing into wasteland when meeting certain condition, and the following bug of game crashing when trying to transform that wasteland tile into anything
    • Fixed necromancer's skeletons getting stuck in ghost chains when killing the ghost at the same time as dying
    • Also made a mistake in ghost spawning code, but reuploaded, it's fixed now
    • Possible fix of 4th chapter boss critical error when playing as necromancer
    • Fixed the red healthbar issue when fighting the 4th chapter boss
    • Fixed the secret battle issue with battle window freesing after the first win
    • Various typos fixed

    v1.006 Hotfix

    March 6, 2021

    Fixed the resource duplication bug from the last patch. Congrats to lucky people who got a lot of resources from the boss in that short period!

    • Hopefully fixed game freeses every 2-3 minutes on certain graphics cards
    • Fixed the screen taking up more space than possible when launching the game on other devices with lower screen resolution
    • Fixed the game softlocking when dying at the same time with the boss
    • Fixed a crush when deleting an arsenal without equipping anything in the 5th slot
    • Rebalanced a lot of camp prices for upgrades
    • Nerfed 3rd boss a little
    • Fixed an encyclopedia bug in which players could unlock a third boss dialogue ahead of time
    • Added parentheses to the small pixel font
    • In retreat menu changed the "take all" button numbers drawing from "required/have" to "have/required"
    • Various typos fixed

    v1.005 Hotfix

    March 5, 2021

    We're sorry for critical errors and your lost time, and made a fix for that. Now if the game crashes, all the loot you'd otherwise lose will be saved in your camp

    • Turned the steamcloud back on with fixes
    • Fixed a crash with necromancer's skeletons in 3rd chapter bossfight
    • Buffed the labirynth of memories cards
    • Changing the fullscreen with alt+enter now works better
    • A couple of typos fixed
    • Secret enemies now don't change their names to ERMAK when switching languages or screen resolutions
    • Fixed the possibility of 2nd boss summon killing the hero after the boss is dead
    • Fixed resetting the attack speed to basic when changing items in battle
    • Hopefully fixed the village and road lantern bug

    v1.004 Hotfix

    March 5, 2021
    • Cemeteries now don't give out memory fragments until meeting certain conditions
    • Made one sprite a little prettier

    v1.003 Hotfix

    March 5, 2021
    • Fixed an issue with darks slimes causing critical error in villages
    • Fixed an issue with villages causing critical error when surrounded by road lanterns
    • Game titles now work properly
    • Building menu doesn't get overlayed with black rectangle in ultrawidescreen
    • Cemeteries now properly give out memory fragments after meeting certain conditions
    • Fixed an issue in which expedition could go on while the boss tile is spawning
    • Fixed the sound of hero steps playing in the camp after leaving the titles
    • Temporarily disabled steam cloud, since it's working wrong for a lot of people and might be messing with demo achievements. Looking for the solution, will enable it back on soon

    v1.002 Hotfix

    March 5, 2021
    • Fixed a crash when dying of thorns

    v1.001 Hotfix

    March 5, 2021
    • Fixed possible crash on linux on launch
    • Fixed the possible transformation of camp tile into wasteland
    • Apostrophes in pixel fonts now draw properly
    • Fixed some of the continuity issues in english and russian languages (in the other language those were fixed already)
    • Wheat field card doesn't lock after dismantling the gymnasium if picked in deck
    • False healing effect doesn't appear when equipping an item
    • Game (probably) no longer crashes with too many bandits on the village tile (map_travel error)
    • Post-processing (and manual application surface drawing) disables automatically if the game is too slow. Could happen on some mac machines in fullscreen

    Background image by Ozich

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